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June 6 is for IPv6: This Time for Real!

10:34 am in Berytech News, General, Technical, Tools by Nicolas Rouhana

As the successor to the current Internet Protocol, IPv4, IPv6 is critical to the Internet’s continued growth as a platform for innovation and economic development. Organized by the Internet Society, and building on the successful one-day World IPv6 Day event held on 8 June 2011, World IPv6 Launch represents a major milestone in the global deployment of IPv6.

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Passwords are Like Underwear!

4:13 pm in General, Social Media, Technical, Tools by Nicolas Rouhana

“Passwords are like underwear! You change them often, and don’t share them!” This well-known statement was repeated by Potech Consulting team during their presentation at the first Technology Round Table of 2012 at Berytech, Thurs Jan 26, on the topic of Security Awareness. Potech experts shared with the audience lots of insight regarding security issues.

Unleash your .imagination !

10:48 am in Berytech News, Entrepreneurship, Financing, General, Technical by Nicolas Rouhana

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has decided to enhance competition and user choice via the introduction of new gTLDs (Generic Top-Level Domains). The application for these new gTLDs will be open between January and April 2012 only.

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Web 4.0?

12:48 pm in Technical by Youssef Kassab

Web 4

So Awesome The Words To Describe It Haven't Been Invented Yet

You started to hear about Web 3.0 but still don’t know what is it about? You still don’t know what is exactly the Web 2.0? Did you hear about the Web 4.0?  In this article I am going to introduce web 2, web 3 and web 4.

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What Type of Web Hosting to Choose?

12:13 am in Technical by Youssef Kassab

Web Hosting TypesHaving a website has become a necessity for any business today. In order to get your website accessible through the web it should be hosted on a web server connected to the Internet and well secured. Web hosting simply refers to a service that hosts your website, making it accessible to people interested in what you have to say or sell.  You might need to host your company’s website or your personal website or a web application that will service thousands or million of users and the question always is where do I host my application and what type of hosting is the best for me.

There are 3 types of hosting services: shared server hosting, virtual dedicated server and physical dedicated server. You will find in this article a description of the different hosting types and hopefully this will help you choose the suitable option for you.

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Build a Free Flash Website in Minutes

6:58 am in Marketing, Technical by Nicolas Rouhana

For a successful web presence, a great looking website is paramount to attract more traffic, but unfortunately, attractive websites do not come for free especially if you want features like Flash to be incorporated. Wix lets you create a professional looking Flash website for free and also help you manage your unique identity on the Internet.

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