TATHMEER Preventive Health Care Introduction Gets an ENCORE

5:31 pm in General by Ryme Katkhouda

one of 82 slides developed by Dr Walid Khairallah on Preeventive Health Care

Dr. Walid Khairallah explaining how human evolution effected our bodies and the food we consume.

TATHMEER launched its first activity last week with the first of a 3 session workshop: an “Introduction to Preventive Health Care”. TATHMEER works on strengthening capacities as a preventive measure for self-sufficiency. TATHMEER, in line with its vision of strong conscious, cultured, aware, empowered, creative, self-determined local stakeholders, pro-actively engaged in sustained local development, part of a harmonious global culture grounded in Justice for all, saw fit to start its empowerment activities by focusing on the health of the social actors and other local stakeholders from a preventive health care perspective.
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