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Revolution 2.0?

5:03 pm in Berytech News, Social Media by Tania Saba Mazraani

Egypt Revolution 2.0The latest events in Tunisia and then Egypt have sparked a raging debate on the net: are these protests being man-made or internet generated? Are we fighting with bats and stones or smartphones and apps? Are Twitter and Facebook replacing underground newspapers and illegal unions? Two camps have clearly emerged across the digital divide.

On the one part, Malcolm Gladwell, a Canadian author of British descent and staff writer at the New Yorker, forcibly defended the theory that revolutions have been taking place for ages, long before electricity, let alone the computer or the net had existed: “People protested and brought down governments before Facebook was invented. They did it before the Internet came along…” he stated in his now infamous editorial, while confrontations between the police and the people raged in Tahrir Square. Needless to say, he made many enemies among the global bloggers’ community and fervent tweeters, who tweeted back at him with no less rage.

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Banking in the Dark Ages

3:25 pm in Berytech News, Financing, General by Tania Saba Mazraani

old coinThis morning I had an interesting call from my banker. A procedure at the bank dictates that customers’ address, phone number and work information must be officially updated every five years for the records, thereby I was kindly summoned to visit the bank in order to provide such information.

As a busy working mom, juggling with impossible schedules, I naturally enquired if I could email or –God forbid- fax this information. I even volunteered to fill in any web-form, or even paper form they wanted, scan it, and send it in any way or manner they wished. “Just don’t make me come to the bank, I really have no time to drive one hour in traffic and waste another hour waiting for my turn ”, I begged and pleaded.

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5 Tips to Create an App for Internet Craze

8:11 am in Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Starting up by Nicolas Rouhana

In today’s “Planet of the Apps”, everyone dreams about having their apps downloaded by millions of users. Shazam has been in this space since 2008, and applied a generic model to create apps for an Internet craze. 5 straightforward tips can be learnt.

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