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Best Free Software of 2011

2:12 pm in Technical by Youssef Kassab

Like every year published a list of the best freeware apps. Freeware is software that is totally free. Freeware can be open or closed source so freeware is different than “free and open source source software” aka FOSS (in the latter you will have access to the source code of the software if you would like to customize it your way). Lot of freeware¬† applications provide a good alternative to commercial software thus helping small businesses do lot of savings by implementing the use of such utilities.

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FREE Useful Software for Small Businesses

9:23 am in Technical by Youssef Kassab

Software IconIn their daily operations small businesses use a variety of software applications. Text editors, spreadsheets, presentations, email, anti-virus, accounting software, Customer Relationship Management, collaboration tools and development tools are mainly used and buying all those tools can be quite expensive for small businesses. In this article I will list some good and free useful software applications that you can use as alternatives for other expensive software utilities.

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