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Shiny Happy People, Meet the Danes!

4:14 pm in General by Aphrodite Bassil

When asked about the happiest place on the planet, most people imagine a tropical paradise with deep blue waters and sunny days, a peaceful Mediterranean village amidst breathtaking nature or even a prosperous country such as the United States of America.However, when in search for human bliss, we’d be truly surprised where we can actually find it. Read the rest of this entry →

Research-The key challenge to take the right decisions

4:13 pm in Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Starting up by Krystel Khalil

We live in a vibrant, changing and uncertain environment. Lots of factors affect our life and businesses everyday from technology to politics, economy, competition, trend, people…  Those things influence our decisions, lead sometimes to the failure of our strategies and some other times they can boost surprisingly our business due to unexpected changes or favorable opportunities. Read the rest of this entry →