Tony Feghali, entrepreneur at Berytech, shares insights & challenges.

4:56 pm in Entrepreneurship, Meet the Entrepreneurs by Tony Feghali

Running a business is very challenging and the best thing in it is the “challenge” of succeeding which is very motivating; at the personal level  it is very satisfactory to  implement your own business vision, which is for us, to be the leading IT security consulting firm in Lebanon in the next 5 years, with strong presence in Syrian and Jordanian markets.

Potech Consulting was established in 2008, focusing on IT security and provides services such as penetration tests, security assessments, system hardening, information system audits. We faced several challenges when starting up, specially, when we needed to build a strong and competitive team, as well as differentiate our services and create innovative approaches for sales strategy.

What helps overcoming our challenges is the Continuous Support from our shareholders, the choice of the right persons in the team, setting the right Key Performance Indicators and meeting them, as well as Berytech’s different programs and initiatives such as the Mowgli mentoring program which was of a big support for me.

Finally I would like to share a personal advice for entrepreneurs: “Go for it” but prepare well, Berytech can be an excellent environment for your start-up.

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