What’s your competitive advantage?

12:04 pm in General, Technical by Ziad

‘Competitive advantage’ is what enables companies to create true value for their customers and achieve superior profitability. It’s what separates, for example, Apple from any other technology and multimedia company. Doesn’t Apple’s IPod set the standards in the MP3 players industry? Who’s constantly spurring technological innovation in smartphones, if not Apple’s IPhone? This ability to deliver great value to customers has translated into Apple’s exceptional financial success with ~$18 billion in profits and ~$280 billion in market capitalization in 2010!

Do you have what it takes to be the next Apple? Strategy consultants help companies answer this question. By providing a fresh and experience-based perspective, they support executives and entrepreneurs create and sustain their competitive advantage!

What’s your competitive advantage? Do you need to pick the brains of a strategic consultant? Feel free to drop me a line: elbaba.ziad@bcg.com