Survey on Internationalization Process of a Company

Section 1: Participant details

1. Participant details

Name of the company:
Contact Person :
Position in the company:
2. How many people are employed by your company?

3. Is your company currently active in any of the following internationalization activities?

4. In how many countries is your company internationally active?

5. Does your company have a department or allocated personnel to deal with internationalization?

Section 2: SMEs Training Needs in terms of internationalization issues

6. Please read the following statements and answer by using multiple ticks when appropriate. Our company:

7. What Training and Skills needs are identified in your company?

8. Are there any training programmes within your company?

9. What do these programmes deal with?

10. Has your organization received any training on internationalisation issues?

11. What’s the satisfaction level concerning the received training?

Section 3: Challenges and ways to overcome them

12. Do you think SMEs have sufficient options at present in terms of sources of information on training courses in internationalization activities?

13. What can be done to remedy the principal barriers and thus engage into internationalization activities for your company? Please tick all of your preferred options.

14. Additional comments