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Rocket Your Data Analysis Skills

12:22 pm in Technology Round Table by walid.semaan

trtwalid3During April’s Technology Round Table,  we discussed a very important matter, which is a burden to all data users: How a software can analyse data for them.

Matrix TRC did a demo that showed how its innovative solution Triple One meets this requirement. It started by showing the link between music and data analysis and how the software defines variables for analysis automation in the same logic as musical notes. We also run analysis with the simple Drag n Drop concept by which the user selects variables and get instant results. Read the rest of this entry →

Near Field Communication – Applications & Opportunities

10:43 am in Technical, Technology Round Table, Tools by Youssef Kassab

NFC LogoNFC is a set of short-range wireless technologies that allow communication and exchange of data between devices by touching or bringing them within a radius of more or less 10 centimeters. NFC is an extension of the RFID technology. It requires 13.56 MHz frequency and has short working range which makes it more suitable for secure communication between devices.

NFC allows a device, usually a mobile phone, to collect data from another device or NFC tag at close range. In many ways, it’s like a contactless payment card that is integrated into a phone. In other ways, it’s similar to Bluetooth, except that instead of programming two devices to work together, they can simply touch to establish a connection. Read the rest of this entry →

Suggest a Technology Round Table topic!

9:09 am in Technology Round Table by Youssef Kassab

Technology Round Table (TRT) are monthly gathering at Berytech, led by entrepreneurs who bring out the latest technology topics and share their expertise with the rest of the community creating a learning environment and sharing best practice in an interactive atmosphere. Next TRT will feature RFID technology on March 22nd. Don’t miss it!

Which topics do you recommend for upcoming TRTs? Share with us your ideas here!