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Think Big! Win IBIC!

9:59 am in Entrepreneurship, Starting up, Technical by Krystel Khalil

Got an Innovative Idea? Ready for the Challenge?

Take part in Intel Berytech Innovation Challenge (IBIC) and become the new business or industry leader! Apply before July 25, 2012 and be part of a worldwide Global Competition, getting the chance to win exceptional opportunities to startup your company. Register on

One More Reason to Go to Lappeenranta!

1:20 pm in Berytech News, Entrepreneurship, General, Meet the Entrepreneurs, Starting up by Nicolas Rouhana

In a previous post found here, I cited 10 good reasons to go to Lappeenranta this summer. Well now I added another reason, which is the best of all and it’s the Entrepreneurs Award“. The Kauffman FastTrack META Group Europe Entrepreneurs Award is an initiative promoted by META Group and EBN aiming at selecting entrepreneurs, having recently established a high-growth potential start up or holders of and innovative business idea in the creative industry.

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10 Good Reasons to Go to Lappeenranta this Summer!

7:04 am in Entrepreneurship, Financing, General, Meet the Entrepreneurs, Starting up by Nicolas Rouhana

Lappeenranta – at the Crossroad of Europe, Russia, the Baltic Region, in Finland – the hub between Europe and Asia, is hosting the 21st EBN annual Congress & the 3d EU-Russia Innovation Forum, from 13 to 15 June 2012 ( Discover 10 good reasons why Lappeenranta is the place to be!

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Information Externalities and the Maginot Line

5:31 pm in Entrepreneurship, General, Starting up by salim tannous


There is an age-old debate concerning the importance of content and distribution of media products. Sumner Redstone, Chairman of Viacom, famously said: “content is king”. Others claim that distribution can bring exposure and success even to mediocre content while letting good content go unnoticed. What will be the most important success factor for media companies in the coming decade: the control of content or the control of distribution? In this digital era where content is widely available and distribution is easy, who is to be crowned king?

Executives in old media companies will be quick to point out that the audience is at the heart of every decision making process, although one look at market reports and audience ratings will show how dehumanised and prejudistic these reports are in their categorization of people. Marketing reduces us to a very low common denominator, it is bad enough being reduced to a composite portrait; it is worse to be told that at that level we can be manipulated like ants following a pheromone path. Read the rest of this entry →

What a Pioneering Decade!

12:32 pm in Berytech News, Entrepreneurship, General, Meet the Entrepreneurs, Starting up by Nicolas Rouhana

What a pioneering decade this has been ! Berytech was created right at the turn of the Century by visionaries at the Saint-Joseph University to be the first technological pole in Lebanon and the region that provides a conducive environment for the creation and development of startups, hence taking part in the economic revival of the country, participating in wealth and job creation, and retaining graduates and hi-level skills in Lebanon.

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Executive Summary Tips

7:55 pm in Entrepreneurship, Financing, General, Starting up by Nicolas Rouhana

An Executive Summary is like a “sales pitch” of your idea or project that should wet enough appetite to attract interest to learn more, pretty much like a trailer does to a movie. So not getting your Executive Summary right could lead to your message not going through and hence to missed opportunities. This post gathers general instructions for coming up with a successful Executive Summary, and contains also a downloadable written example at the end.

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