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Do You Believe in Social Media Marketing? [slideshow]

11:19 pm in Marketing, Social Media by Youssef Kassab

If you are still not convinced about the importance of social media marketing check out this presentation about transforming your marketing to discover the potential this type of marketing offers.

The below presentation titled “It is time to transform your marketing” is made by an online marketing firm. Read the rest of this entry →

Facebook Bullying is Real and it’s Happening at a School Near You

12:08 pm in General, Social Media by Tania Saba Mazraani

Bullying among pre-teens and teens is an ongoing concern amongst school children and parents. But this school year, and to my surprise, the principal at my kids’ school spent a good half-hour on Open Day, warning us – unsuspecting parents – on the pitfalls of allowing our kids to use the interest unsupervised (as usual), or overlooking some alarming trends such as digital bullying (seriously?!). If you have been comfortable in your conviction that you have installed all possible filters and firewalls to prevent your children from accessing inappropriate sites, and therefore can let them roam the web unattended… think again. Read the rest of this entry →

Revolution 2.0?

5:03 pm in Berytech News, Social Media by Tania Saba Mazraani

Egypt Revolution 2.0The latest events in Tunisia and then Egypt have sparked a raging debate on the net: are these protests being man-made or internet generated? Are we fighting with bats and stones or smartphones and apps? Are Twitter and Facebook replacing underground newspapers and illegal unions? Two camps have clearly emerged across the digital divide.

On the one part, Malcolm Gladwell, a Canadian author of British descent and staff writer at the New Yorker, forcibly defended the theory that revolutions have been taking place for ages, long before electricity, let alone the computer or the net had existed: “People protested and brought down governments before Facebook was invented. They did it before the Internet came along…” he stated in his now infamous editorial, while confrontations between the police and the people raged in Tahrir Square. Needless to say, he made many enemies among the global bloggers’ community and fervent tweeters, who tweeted back at him with no less rage.

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Is Social Media Replacing Social Manners?

10:01 am in Berytech News, General, Social Media by Tania Saba Mazraani

I had recently helped an old and dear friend of mine with a long and tedious project she had been working on. When the project was over, she was keen on thanking me and demonstrated her appreciation with profusion of text messages and emails. She even posted something on Facebook. Which was all very nice; except all I needed for her was to pick up the phone and call me. The old classical way.

This got me wondering, is social media replacing the traditional way of social business? Are BBM and MSN a good replacement for a coffee with a friend, or just an extension of it?! Can sharing jokes, youtube links or mp3 songs over the web beat a meaningful conversation? Should the extent of our exchange be limited to bursts of 140 characters? Are we actually living a good chunk of our lives from behind our computer screens and Smartphones?

I am personally a heavy user of social media and all things Apple. I keep track of childhood friends on Facebook and can be safely considered an avid Twitter user. My Whatsapp account boasts a long list of “favorites”, but nothing beats picking up the phone to exchange meaningless banter with a friend, calling them on their birthday instead of posting on their walls, or stealing time from my busy schedule for a get together at Lina’s.

In short, I am for technology, but not when it sucks us into a virtual world, to a point where we no longer know how to conduct a plain old interpersonal relationship!

Is Your Business on Facebook? A Guide to Create a Successful Facebook Presence

1:23 pm in Social Media by Youssef Kassab

facebook logoWith Facebook now having more than 500 million users worldwide every business should have a presence there. In this article I am going to tell you how to create your Facebook presence with tips on how to get followers and keep them coming back.

If you want to start the “social networking” adventure you need first to create a page. Pages were previously known as Fan pages and users had to be fans of a certain product or service or business. Facebook renamed Fan Pages to just “Pages” and users can now “like” the page instead of becoming a fan.

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Make Good and Make Money

6:04 pm in Entrepreneurship, General, Social Media by Krystel Khalil

Did you ever notice that you can make a difference in the society, create a social impact while making money?

This is achievable with The Social Entrepreneurship trend, the economical model which combines profit and social benefits at the same time. Read the rest of this entry →