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Capturing valuable moments from my experience in Active Citizen Summit #ACS

2:39 pm in Entrepreneurship, General, In the Media by Krystel Khalil

acs logoBy being in contact with aspiring entrepreneurs and managing targeted programs in the field of entrepreneurship, throughout my experience in Berytech, a leading incubator and business development center based in Beirut, I had the chance to represent Lebanon in Active Citizen Summit, ACS, during March 2014. It was a 22-day program held in Chicago and completed in Washington DC that brought together young professionals active in the entrepreneurship scene from across the Middle East and North Africa, to be part of a unique experience.

The program aimed at engaging participants in active discussions and workshops around challenges facing our region in entrepreneurship, and the variety of opportunities to explore, synergies to build and initiatives to develop, through our exchange of expertise. Read the rest of this entry →

The Power of the Many

12:37 pm in In the Media by Camille Khoury

From left to right: Hani Asfour and Salim Tannous.

Lebanon’s creatives are scaling up together to take on the international market with the newly launched Beirut Creative Cluster.

“We’re pioneering this. And there is absolutely no guarantee of success,” pronounces Salim Tannous. He’s managing director of the newborn Beirut Creative Cluster (BCC), a consortium of 25 design and media agencies working together to advance Lebanese media services within and without Lebanon.

Sitting beside Tannous is Hani Asfour, founder of the design firm Polypod and president of the seven-member board of the BCC, who nervously laughs: “I’ve just dived in to the deep end, and am going to see what happens.” He quickly adds: “and you’re the lifeguard Salim!”

“And I barely know how to swim!” Tannous retorts. The two men together could go back and forth, it seems, for hours: trading anecdotes about museum visits, architectural features or thoughts on the BCC. Both want to heap praise and credit upon the other; neither would accept it in return. Read the rest of this entry →

إختراع لبناني يقرأ نبضات قلب السبّاحين ويحسّن أداءهم “Instabeat”

3:25 pm in In the Media by Camille Khoury


This article was published by El Nashra Finance by Ghaleb El Jawhary on March 3, 2013.

يتعرّض معظم رياضيي العالم الى مشاكل وتسارع في نبضات القلب نتيجة النشاط الرياضي المستمر الذي يقومون به، مما يعرّض حياتهم للخطر في بعض الأحيان، ويؤدي الى تراجع في أدائهم ومستواهم الرياضي إذا لم يتم التنبه لهذا الأمر، كما يخضع الرياضيون عادة الى الفحوصات الطبية المتكررة وخصوصا في القلب، للتأكد من أن نبضات قلبهم تعمل بشكل سليم قبل أي حدث او مسابقة رياضية، وذلك تفاديا لأي حادث أو خطر قد يهدد حياتهم.

هند حبيقة شابة لبنانية طوّرت جهاز يدعى “Instabeat”، وهو قطعة صغيرة تضاف الى النظارات الخاصة التي يستخدمها السباحون، لتقيس وتقرأ نبضات قلبهم خلال ممارستهم السباحة، مما يساعدهم على تقييم أدائهم خلال التدريبات، حتى يتمكنوا من تحسينها. ولأن “Instabeat” أختيرت كواحدة من أكثر الأدوات إثارة للإهتمام في معرض “CES” العالمي، ولاقت قبولا كبيرا في الكثير من دول العالم، كان “للنشرة الإقتصادية” حديث خاص مع صاحبة فكرة إنشاء “Instabeat” هند حبيقة، التي تحدّثت عن هدف إنشاء “Instabeat” والغاية منها. Read the rest of this entry →

DerManDar Panorama Wins at the World Summit Award for Mobile Content

10:13 am in In the Media by Camille Khoury

Dermandar Panorama, which company is established at Berytech Technology Pole and is part of Berytech Fund’s portfolio, is one of the best apps for iOS and Android for photography, and it has been awarded world’s best app at the UN-based World Summit Award for mobile content (WSA-mobile) in early February 2013.

Wamda, L’Orient Le Jour and have written about the news. Read the rest of this entry →

“” بوابة تفاعلية لتقديم خدمات البنوك عبر الإنترنت

12:40 pm in In the Media by Camille Khoury

1361010898_777This article was published by El Nashra Finance by Ghaleb El Jawhary on Feb 17, 2013.

يعاني معظم اللبنانيين الذين يسعون للحصول على قروض مصرفية – وهم كثر – من مشكلة إيجاد المعلومات والعروض المناسبة لأوضاعهم المادية أو مدخولهم الشهري، خصوصا أن في لبنان أكثر من  40 مصرفا، كما يتذمر معظم الناس من مشكلة الإنتظار في المصارف لفتح حسابات خاصة بهم أو الحصول على بطاقات إئتمان “”- موقع إلكتروني لبناني وفّر الحلول لهذه المشكلة من خلال تلخيص كل هذه الأمور وجمعها في الموقع لتمكين المستخدمين من الوصول الى المعلومات التي يريدونها، وإنجاز معاملاتهم المصرفية.

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Beirut Creative Cluster: Pioneer Initiative by Berytech

10:28 am in In the Media by Camille Khoury

The Daily StarJan. 11, 2013, by Brooke Anderson

Creative Cluster: Bringing together talent, keeping it at home

If businesses pool together their creativity, they can help each other grow and realize their potential – better than they would on their own. This is the idea behind the new Beirut Creative Cluster.

“Lebanon is a small market. If we want to compete on a global scale, we need to think about cooperating – not competing – with the companies next door,” says Salim Tannous, founder and head of the BCC, whose background in media and technology helped him in developing the strategy. Read the rest of this entry →