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“Unrated” Business Acronyms

12:06 pm in Entrepreneurship, Financing, General, Marketing, Starting up by Nicolas Rouhana

We are surrounded by acronyms which are supposed to simplify our lives and help us remember the relevant context easily. The business world is not an exception, and has its very well-known acronyms referenced in every business-related literature; some are actual words (like SMART objectives, SWOT analysis, PEST model, etc), while others are simple series of letters (like 4Ps of marketing, 5Ms of management, etc.). Other less-known acronyms have been introduced by business authors to make their mark 😉 In this post, I try to compile a handful of acronyms I came across that are less common (and cite the origin if known), and divide them in relevant categories.

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by EBJ

VCs Enter the Fray in Lebanon

4:06 pm in Berytech News, Entrepreneurship, Financing, General, Starting up by EBJ

The emergence of a local venture capital industry in Lebanon has come as a breath of fresh air for Lebanese entrepreneurs, writes Elie Boujaoude, Investment Manager at Berytech Fund.

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Banking in the Dark Ages

3:25 pm in Berytech News, Financing, General by Tania Saba Mazraani

old coinThis morning I had an interesting call from my banker. A procedure at the bank dictates that customers’ address, phone number and work information must be officially updated every five years for the records, thereby I was kindly summoned to visit the bank in order to provide such information.

As a busy working mom, juggling with impossible schedules, I naturally enquired if I could email or –God forbid- fax this information. I even volunteered to fill in any web-form, or even paper form they wanted, scan it, and send it in any way or manner they wished. “Just don’t make me come to the bank, I really have no time to drive one hour in traffic and waste another hour waiting for my turn ”, I begged and pleaded.

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by EBJ

Is Cash Flow Really More Important than Your Mother?

2:17 pm in Financing, General by EBJ

No! Don’t be naïve! When Kenneth Morse, co-founder of 3COM and former managing director of the MIT Entrepreneurship Center said that he must have been really frustrated at how much startup companies neglect their cash flows or don’t realize their importance, I suppose it was a desperate attempt by him at making them understand. And still, a lot of them just don’t even know what cash flow is! Read the rest of this entry →

by EBJ

Your weekly dose of B/S:

11:50 am in Financing by EBJ

Balance Sheet! What did you think!? This is a professional blog here for crying out loud! So what brought me to this? Thing is I have been dealing with companies and start ups in Lebanon for a quite a while and have witnessed all kinds of atrocities related to financial statements. Things that you cannot even imagine!  Best way to show you the extent of “creativity” of some company managers when it comes to financial statements is through a very particular case I went through when I was screening some files for financing: Read the rest of this entry →

by EBJ

“Money for nothing” or Dire Straits…

6:25 pm in Financing by EBJ

When British band Dire Straits released its hit song “Money for nothing” in 1985 its lyrics were heavily bad-mouthed as homophobic, racist and sexist. Still, that same year “Money for Nothing” won the Grammy for best rock performance by a duo group! Little wonder I say, isn’t money for nothing a universal dream? Well now it has come true… Read the rest of this entry →