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In this section, we offer you the opportunity to ask any question that you have to the Motivologue Sheryn Knaider, established at Berytech Technology & Health. Whether you have a productivity problem or a personal problem, Knaider will answer your questions once a week.

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 What in the world is a “Motivologue” ?

A Motivologue is a person who is equipped with the right tools to practice motivational neuroscience coaching techniques of brain mapping, memory enhancement (tapping on the four section of the brain) to explore the full potential of the brain in solving daily work problems.

How does a Motivologue help you? 

He helps you by:
-achieving success/ goals.
-simplifying complex scenarios & solving problems.
-innovating ideas & concepts.
-work stress, motivation & focus issues.
-and much more.

How is it done?

It starts with an initial assessment session (for free) at the office or by phone(or Skype),
to be followed by weekly sessions ( period to be determined ) to achieve the desired objective.

My prospect clients:
Working individuals, students, corporations, governmental departments, professionals.
Top management , Training & H.R departments.
Done through one on one, workshops and lectures.