Meet Mr. Mohammad Taha from Scryptech Our Featured Entrepreneur of the Month

January 9, 2014 in Entrepreneurs Testimonial by Renata Harb

scryptechMany are familiar with the app Ma2tou3a wich made a huge buzz in Lebanon. How about we dig deeper and find about the idea behind this app?

The Idea of “ma2tou3a”came from a personal experience
Mr. Mohammad Taha founder of Scryptech, a company of general software consultancy and services, developed the mobile app “Ma2tou3a” now “happin” with the help of a very qualified team and exceptional developers. The main purpose of this application is to help people stay safe because of the critical situation in Lebanon for the past few years. In fact, Mr. Taha States that if something bad happens while you are walking on the street or driving you’ll receive a push notification that an event occurred like “7are2 dwelib”. Basically it’s a mobile app where people report, find on a map and receive notification of events in addition it can also be used to track roads traffic. Ironically, the Idea of “ma2tou3a”came from a personal experience with Mr. Taha’s wife and kids: “my wife was driving through one of the street of Beirut when something bad happened in front of her and the kids. It was two horrible hours of their lives where they were trapped in a place because people were burning tires; you know it happens these days…”

“After my experience with Silicon Valley I can say that the sky is the limit”
Mr. Mohammad Taha had the chance to participate in the world‘s biggest startup event in San Francisco. Berytech offered its help by establishing contacts in Silicon Valley which led very big capitalist firms to contact Scryptech. However, the main purpose was exposure but further expectations of investments are pursued. “After my experience with Silicon Valley I can say that the sky is the limit” like they say in Arabic “na7na manna 2a2al men 7adan” especially in software development Lebanon is blessed with skilled designers, and business people who can do a lot and anywhere in the world.

Take ma2tou3a internationally
The Main goal of scryptech is to take ma2tou3a internationally. Therefore, the name was changed to “happin” because it’s easier for foreigners to pronounce it. This application will focus on crimes and events to avoid according to each town, which means that the target market is cities with high crime rates like Oakland in the US west coast, Brooklyn and other risky areas. The next step will then be to publish the app “happin” in these regions.

“My idea of starting up was always in the back of my mind”
When Mr. Taha was asked what made you startup he simply answered “a crappie job! I had a job where I had a bad time. My idea of starting up was always in the back of my mind and I’ve been doing freelancing for software development since I graduated.” He also claimed that the first time he approached Berytech he had another Idea to analyze users profile telecom data with his two friends. Unfortunately, technology wasn’t really responsive, getting telecom data was very hard for a small team back then. Still, the aids that Berytech offered kept him in contact with the team and the moment he decided to startup he directly aimed at Berytech’s new building in Beirut Digital District and decided to take an office there. According to Mr. Taha it’s hard to live in this country. Therefore, in order to succeed one should really believe in his or herself, in the team, the potential of the company, perseverance, self-esteem and respect as well as doing things right. He claims that he enjoys every part of his job today since he have been a software developer since he turned fourteen, he considers programming as a game rather than a task.

“Turn off the TV and don’t listen to the news”
Mr. Mohammad shared his experience with Berytech saying “I can sit here and speak forever. The guys here are really helpful; they have been giving us a lot of support and offers. The space supplied is really good and convenient. Electricity and internet are provided 24/7”. He pointed out that one of the benefits gained is being continuously introduced to people because program developers are typically introverts. Thus, in this kind of environment they have the possibility to meet entrepreneurs, understand what is happening in the world, the country and explore some business opportunities. He also states, that the co-working space “digihive” is very useful for meetings and the environment is pleasant being an open one. “Berytech is doing an amazing job I think it’s a very ambitious project believing in this country investing in it. It’s really rare people who are doing something positive for Lebanon so turn off the TV and don’t listen to the news”