Socialize Your Brand

May 31, 2013 in Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Social Media by Krystel Khalil

is_your_brand_social1I attended this morning a Power Brunch at Berytech, which was led by Mrs. Leila Khauli, Expert in digital branding, around the topic of “Socialize your brand by embracing the digital revolution”. The topic focused on the challenges of entrepreneurs to address their online communities and set the right strategies to succeed. The interaction and exchange between participants and the speaker was very engaging and here are some very interesting quotes that I wanted to share, taken from this session:

“It’s all about content, interesting content which entertains & educates the audience, avoid being  repetitive, spammy, boring”

“3 main pillars of social media are: Content, Strategy, & Analytics”

“it is very important to see why are you on social media and what do you want from it”

“Start by identifying your sustainable competitive edge or added value”

“Social media strategy is about setting goals & see how to meet them, it’s about scanning constantly the environment & adapting to it focusing on pro-activity”

“Identify your target communities, latest trends, threats, opportunities and influencers to engage with them”

“It is very important to spend time on listing and monitoring content constantly”

“Feed your blog with cutting edge content, new stuff for readers”

“Define the character of your brand and set the strategy accordingly; is it funny, vibrant, serious does-it address B2B, B2C? …and select the channels accordingly”

“There are many useful technical tools to track content”

“Define your KPIs to track them, this is related to your main objective from social media, (awareness? building communities? e -commerce…?) KPIs will help you measure results & ROI”

“There’s difference between Social media ROI and Financial ROI”

“It’s good to track to measure and analyze the audience growth rate & to see how to monetize your community”

“Social media channels are used to drive traffic to your main website”

“Always align your business calls with social media”

“Now customers judge a brand by checking its online channels and people reviews”

“Your audience is key for you to generate new ideas”

“You have to setup crisis management strategies, never solve a problem online take it offline by asking contact details for follow up”

“The role of social media with e-commerce is to bring audience to your website”

“Monitor forums, blogs, check what are people looking for? simply ask them”

“Just listen to what people are saying instead of just relying on a push strategy”

“It’s about real time reaction”

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