Rocket Your Data Analysis Skills

May 16, 2013 in Technology Round Table by walid.semaan

trtwalid3During April’s Technology Round Table,  we discussed a very important matter, which is a burden to all data users: How a software can analyse data for them.

Matrix TRC did a demo that showed how its innovative solution Triple One meets this requirement. It started by showing the link between music and data analysis and how the software defines variables for analysis automation in the same logic as musical notes. We also run analysis with the simple Drag n Drop concept by which the user selects variables and get instant results.

We also showed the unique integrated built-in training material that comes with every suggested solution as well as the link to the training materials and ebooks that come with the software itself.

At the end, we had an open session of Q&A by which many suggested some requests for the improvement of the softwares to reach wider mass of users.