Yes, she did it at 24!

November 30, 2012 in Entrepreneurship, Starting up by Camille Khoury

Yesterday, I read a very interesting article about Hind Hobeika, an entrepreneur at Berytech, in the magazine “Entrepreneur Levant”. The article describes Hind’s innovation and her journey as an entrepreneur. Not only her innovation is awesome and very useful for swimmers, but it is also her age that makes the story even more brilliant.

Hind is a 24-year-old mechanical engineer! Yes, you read it correctly, 24. And she has a startup built on the idea of enabling swimmers to know their heart rate and other information in real time. Isn’t that great? This drives me to think of how a 24-year-old is able to do that!

In fact, the journey wasn’t apparently so easy. Since she was a mechanical engineer student, she had to work during her off-hours at college and sleep for a couple of hours every night for months. She also had to read some books about electrical engineering, because there were some theories that she needed to know to build her product. Quite a challenge, quite an achievement!

Finally, Hind is an inspiring example for the young generation, which shows that entrepreneurship has no age. So, if you have an idea and are young, don’t be afraid and accept the challenge. After all, challenge is what makes life more exciting.

You can read more about her story here, and, Hind, best of luck to you and to your startup “Butterfleye”.

Source: Entrepreneur Levant / Photography by Greg Demarque