Beirut Creative Cluster at the Creative Media Days- Belgium

November 12, 2012 in Berytech News, Entrepreneurship, General by salim tannous

The Creative Media Days investigate the role of ICT innovation in media, focusing on the creative possibilities and the emergence of new business models. The BCC took part in a series of conferences and workshops that looked into new business models, innovative technology and emerging platforms and applications.

Experimentation, creativity, Future Internet capabilities and Social Innovation are cornerstones of most of the active European Network of Living Labs (ENOLL) in this field. The Living Labs for Innovation in eCulture session built on the workshop findings on Culture, Education and Creativity held at the Living Lab Summer School in Helsinki in August 2012; below are the key themes that were discussed:

  • How artists can integrate research in their work, leading to new ideas, new research, a valuable artistic result and a broader understanding of each community;
  • Developing a user-driven approach to digital heritage field in Europe: User engagement and multi-stakeholder collaboration;
  • Living Labs as open laboratories to experiment in the innovative use and re-use of cultural content by the creative industry and to demonstrate results through prototypes;
  • How to integrate design disciplines into Living Lab approaches, create a common language and build a joint vision of user-centered innovation.

We are on a crossroads where technology innovation, content innovation and business innovation need to interact and be combined. The media sector specifically is struggling with the impact of such convergence models and the emergence of new channels. Other sectors are impacted by this huge shift as well, though and it is through constant experimentation and interaction; with practitioners, researchers and professionals; that we can understand the challenges and exploit the new opportunities that lay ahead.