One More Reason to Go to Lappeenranta!

June 11, 2012 in Berytech News, Entrepreneurship, General, Meet the Entrepreneurs, Starting up by Nicolas Rouhana

In a previous post found here, I cited 10 good reasons to go to Lappeenranta this summer. Well now I added another reason, which is the best of all and it’s the Entrepreneurs Award“. The Kauffman FastTrack META Group Europe Entrepreneurs Award is an initiative promoted by META Group and EBN aiming at selecting entrepreneurs, having recently established a high-growth potential start up or holders of and innovative business idea in the creative industry.

The scope of the prize is to give relevance and support to the “best in class”, who can inspire the next generation of young entrepreneurs. A call for applicants was issued to all Business Innovation Centers and entrepreneurs across EU & Russia, to select the top 3 entrepreneurs who will be invited to the Award Ceremony and will have the opportunity to give a company pitch in front of a qualified audience of +500 delegates, as well as a myriad of other benefits.

DerManDar applied through Berytech, and guess who rose from the selection process between the top 3! Quite a challenge and achievement for this Lebanese startup!

Experiences from the top 3 entrepreneurs will be presented as case histories for inspiring new entrepreneurs attending the Kauffman FastTrack training programme that will be delivered in Europe by META Group and its partners with the support of EBN. (full program details found at AGENDA_ with_speakers_Final)

So well done and good luck to DermanDar, and hope you bring back the gold 😉