How to survive a Geeky, Workaholic, Professional IT life ?

April 27, 2012 in General by Moophz Himself

What good will it be if you gained the source code of the world and yet lost your very self?

Loving your own work and being successful is a major source of high self esteem.
Geeks by definition, are so passionate about their work and tend to prioritize professional life over any other aspect of their lives.
You may have noticed that the majority of geeks suffer from weak communication skills. This can be noted through bad articulation or projection of speech, and when most often they tend to prefer the usage of text messages over phone conversations.

Thus, it is crucial that a balance should be made in order to maintain a high level of performance, live a longer happier life and achieve all your geeky goals and dreams.

Enough philosophizing, below are some of my experience based recommendations in order to healthily survive your geeky IT lifestyle, Organize your life, your time and maintain your connections:

  • Time is your most valued commodity, fragment it wisely, manage it well and enjoy it.
  • Find time to read, experiment and learn non-IT stuff.
  • Separate “as much as you can” your social conversations from your Information Technology terms. Reserve a small amount of time for special IT news.
  • Don’t work after work. Thinking about IT problems and solutions before sleeping is still considered working…and unhealthily ill.
  • Exercise daily sports and go to gym.
  • Sleep well. Don’t ubersleep (Sleep hacking) it is a horrible sleep routine (
  • Don’t use your laptop in bed, this will disturb your sleeping routine by getting your body used to not to sleep while in bed, may lead to insomnia.
  • Socialize by expanding to the maximum through society. Meet non IT people.
    Go out with stupid people from time to time, have fun of their stupidity privately and respect it publicly.
  • Being rational is typical for geeks, sprinkle your life by spreading some irrationality.
  • Being an active social network user is not considered socializing.
  • It’s true that a running machine is 10000% trustworthy more than a human being, nevertheless try to invest trusting the human kind.
  • Stop humanizing your computer.
  • Picking your nose behind your desk is natural; considering no one seeing you is wrong (The space under your keyboard touches is a trusted witness).
  • Don’t communicate with people as being Network appliances and Linux servers. TCP/IP connections are 93% less reliable than a face to face conversation.
  • Show love and importance to your special and close friends, you computer might notice your love but your friends won’t.
  • It’s fun to make your girlfriend jealous of your computer, but it’s unhealthy to privately show affection to it more than her.

That was the cook for today, hope you enjoyed it. Now Apply Or Die.

Moophz Himself
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