Expressing my Passion for Entrepreneurship

February 29, 2012 in Entrepreneurship, Meet the Entrepreneurs by Hind Hobeika

Being entrepreneur is my passion! My thinking has no limits! Running a business gave the possibility of applying all of my crazy ideas and gave me the ability to determine my own working hours and location, what makes it fun at the same time.

I combined my passion for swimming and my educational background as engineer by creating Butterfleye which develops, as a starting product, smart swimming goggles that can track the swimmer’s heart rate with instant visual feedback. Its patent is also a platform for the development of many other applications in the field of sports technology, biomedical devices and data storage, creating more added value and social impact.

Currently I am focusing on improving its current prototype, and getting worldwide exposure in the scope of licensing its patent.When starting up, many challenges came across but my passion and enthusiasm kept me going on.  I found so far is the limited resources available for hardware development in the region. It took me a very long time to be able to gather a small team to develop the second version of the prototype. And now, I aim to make  my company one of the pillars in sports technology: providing athletes with the right everyday tools for their training! Practically, this would mean having a line of products that would provide many other features and can be applied to other sports activities. I really appreciate Berytech and what I love the most is that the minute you enter the building, you can feel the entrepreneurship spirit. The atmosphere is well setup for people in this particular mindset.

Finally, I would like to share this advice for anyone who has a business idea: Go for it without thinking twice. I had a very difficult time transitioning from the corporate world into the entrepreneurship world. I was scared and did not think I was up to the task. I am still scared, but I have never been happier working and the experience I am gaining now is invaluable!