Everything is going CLOUD!

February 24, 2012 in Entrepreneurship, Meet the Entrepreneurs, Technical by Krystel Khalil

Cloud computing is a new trend in the IT world changing our perception of computing and replacing traditional server hosting and storage solutions. This technology brings new advantages with it and helps companies improve their productivity, in this vibrant and constantly changing world, such as lower startup costs, better scalability and efficient payment model.

Cloud computing will definitely affect companies’ business models, involve new kind of partners and influence their strategies in a way or another.

Having a marketing background, I felt curious to attend the technology round table (TRT) session yesterday, held at Berytech, covering Cloud Computing, lead by Rabih Nassar, expert in the field and CEO of Element N. I was encouraged to learn more about the concept of this technology mostly to understand its related products, services as well as the startups in the field and how it is going to affect the business.

Simplifying the idea, cloud computing is considered as Utility Computing where consumers “Pay for consumption not for infrastructure”; they effectively pay for the capacity they use. We are moving from traditional IT delivery services to Remote IT delivery services and virtualization remains the building block of cloud.

Large organizations are moving their IT assets to the cloud and Amazon is one of the pioneers in this field, since 2007.

Session included several aspects of the cloud such as the evolution of computing, technical characteristics of the cloud, its benefits, challenges, models and major market players. You want to find out more? Click on this “CLOUD” link and check out the presentation.

Some “Signals” photos were posted by one of the entrepreneurs, who attended the session, Emile Khattar, Co-founder of Signal; you can view them on this link

Finally, I was wondering about the limitations of the cloud and asked who can ensure ultimate security and control of the systems, and I knew that it has some professional and very secure way to deliver the services and master the field but there is risk in everything referring to the quote of Scott McNealy, Sun Microsystems founder, “there is no privacy on the net. Get over it”…

We can ask also “what’s next”? 🙂

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