Passwords are Like Underwear!

January 29, 2012 in General, Social Media, Technical, Tools by Nicolas Rouhana

“Passwords are like underwear! You change them often, and don’t share them!” This well-known statement was repeated by Potech Consulting team during their presentation at the first Technology Round Table of 2012 at Berytech, Thurs Jan 26, on the topic of Security Awareness. Potech experts shared with the audience lots of insight regarding security issues.

The session tackled 3 main areas:


Hacktivism: Hacking action during 2011 – Hacktivist Groups – Hacking in Lebanon & Information Security Maturity

Mobile Hacking & Social Media Hacking Predictions for 2012: Mobile (Smartphone) Security – Social Media Security

Security Tips:

  1. Personnel Level:  Secure Access – Web Of trust -Password Management – Privacy – Malware Protection (Phishing, Backdoors…)
  2.  Business Level: Use of Unsecure Protocols – Servers Hardening – Penetration Tests – Security Controls – Continuous Awareness & Social Engineering

The presentation can be downloaded here: Potech_Consulting-Security_Awareness-Berytech_TRT.

Do not miss the next Technology Round Table on Cloud Computing, Thurs Feb 16, 2012. Stay tuned!