Ralph Bitar Exposes his Entrepreneurship Journey

June 29, 2011 in Entrepreneurship, Meet the Entrepreneurs by ralph.bitar

Running a business is quite challenging, especially when moving to an established and solid company with a motivated team and building a profitable business with continuous effort to upgrade and innovate, having the pleasure to see hundreds of users relying on a product developed by us.

Our company, SoftMind develops and implements business software: from design to implementation and finally the support and maintenance. The current range of software includes ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), Retail, HR, Insurance Brokerage and other solutions in specific vertical markets.

Being in the technology field, we faced various obstacles and challenges while starting up, as we have founded SoftMind back in 1996 and the technology has moved through three different generations and we faced different economical and political situations.

On a separate note, from a business point of view, it needed effort and perseverance to attract initially the right investors and later on to sustain innovation and quality of service in such a dynamic industry.

Our objective is to grow in terms of number of satisfied clients and stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and trends.

Since we are hosted at Berytech, many beneficial factors supported our business such as the fact that 90% of the daily technical and legal routine tasks have been taken care of by the infrastructure and the management of the technological pole. I can add the business networking and professional atmosphere which create a synergy among the various companies and simulates competitiveness. Finally, I would mention the various discussions and events that keep us updated with some of the latest technologies and trends.

In conclusion, I encourage all young aspiring entrepreneurs to startup and the most important thing is to enjoy their business beyond the financial outcome.

Second, they need to accept and learn from unsuccessful experiences and build on the successful achievements, even if they are tiny.They are bound to face many bumps along their way, and sooner or later they will be challenged by different parties: clients, partners, colleagues, suppliers, competitors, etc… They need not to give up.

Finally, they should never stop developing their know-how and enlarge the spectrum of their skills, to reach other disciplines that were not part of their education (business, interpersonal communication, etc…). This should give them a broader understanding of business and hopefully help them succeed!

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Email: ralph@softmind.com.lb