World IPv6 Day Resources

June 6, 2011 in General, Software, Technical, Tools by Nicolas Rouhana

World IPv6 “test-flight”day is around the corner. Read this blog entry for some general tools & resources regarding the June 8 event.


First, we’d like to remind again the exact timing of the event.  It is from 0000-2359 UTC on June 8.  You can find the local start time where you are here:

and the local end time where you are here:


The RIPE NCC has documented some information on how DNS operation may impact what people see on June 8 also:


Second, if you’re not already aware of it, there is a wiki that we have set up with some relevant information about the event.  It is located here:


Third, we are starting to test connectivity to websites. There is a dashboard showing aggregated measurements for all participants here: We are also providing indicators of connectivity from ISOC to each participant

( and IPv6-enabled

( site. Soon we expect to have additional measurement summaries on the dashboard providing a more distributed view of connectivity. These additional measurement efforts will be described on the wiki here:


Fourth, World IPv6 Day provides a unique opportunity to collect data about IPv6 operations on the Internet, and doing so is important to the success of the event.  To that end a number of organisations are planning to do various measurements of network and end-user performance.  We encourage you to help to facilitate these measurements if possible.  Doing so is optional of course.  We are serving an XML file with public information to assist measurements here:  More details about each field are provided on the wiki here:

If you’d like to provide any of that information for your site, please send it to Mat Ford (


Finally, you are probably familiar with Netalyzr ( It is a comprehensive network testing and debugging applet.

Among other tests are a set of IPv6 probes, including server->client MTU, client->server MTU, support for ICMP6 too-big messages in both directions, a differential V4 and V6 server->client traceroute, and outbound IPv6 port filtering.

Netalyzr also detects several specific conditions which cause dual-stack sites to fail for a client, including non-working 6to4, rogue 6to4 gateways, and other conditions as the applet is able to get the list of network interfaces for the client.

The Netalyzr crew are offering the following for IPv6 day participants – please reply to Mat Ford ( if you are interested:

1)  A customized link to Netalyzr for use on your support pages.

2)  Automatic emails that allow you to access the results of all sessions executed through that link.

3)  Access to a JSON interface which allows you to extract the session state for these sessions.


(T-Shirts) ISOC has its own presence on cafe press now.  New link: