How Do You Manage Your eBooks?

May 16, 2011 in Software, Technical, Tools by Youssef Kassab

Most of us have eBooks stored on our computers or on our tablets (iPad, Galaxy tab, Kindle…). With our collection growing it will be hard to find a certain eBook. Personally I classify my eBooks by topics in subdirectories but I still can’t find what I am searching for easily and that’s why I needed a better solution.

Calibre is a free eBook management software. Once you add the directory containing your books or add books manually to the library it will grab information from within the eBooks and will allow you to sort by title, author, series, publish date, the publisher or even the date you added it to the library or the size of the file. You will also able to edit all of this information if something is missing or misspelled.

Calibre also allows you to add custom tags to eBook files that let you filter to custom, specific groups of books. You can also give eBooks ratings so you can remember books that you particularly enjoyed.

Calibre is able to convert any eBook format to almost any other format and manage the multiple copies.

Another interesting feature is the ability to take the latest articles from almost any news source and package them into a single eBook. This feature is great for taking the news with you on your eReader, or for your own personal archives that you can access offline.

Calibre can sync with your iTunes or with your device directly if you want to transfer your files from your PC to your eReader. For more advanced users calibre also has an internal content server. Once started you will be able to access your library through web from anywhere.

I found this tool very useful and started importing my eBooks. Do you have lot of eBooks? How do you manage them? Share with us your experience by commenting below!

You can download calibre for free from its official website