Walid Semaan, Entrepreneur at Berytech, reveals Personal Experience

April 6, 2011 in Entrepreneurship, Meet the Entrepreneurs by walid.semaan

Startup companies face so many challenges especially if the solution offered is big in entrepreneur’s mind and needs maturity more than prior optimistic calculations. Time is a challenge, finance is a challenge and marketing is a challenge. Sleeping at night becomes a challenge as well…

Matrix TRC, our company, is specialized in data analytics and development of automated solutions. We just finished the first version of Triple One, the unique software that analyzes data of all kind in One Second!! We also provide training and consulting services in data analysis for marketing, medical and clinical research as well as quality.

One of the advantages being self-employed is waking up at your own convenience and this is true. But on the other hand the time you spend working all day long (discovering white nights) is much higher than being an employee. Add to this the effort and relentless concentration all day long in order to come up with creative ideas every day. Adding to this, making the million becomes a possibility if you target well and keep walking.

I would like to mention as well the supportive environment of Berytech to startups such as the positive atmosphere, full of positive people who want to make it in life. You also meet lots of solution providers that help you make it your turn. And that’s what we did with our colleagues from Evolve. Our data auto analyzer software Triple One software couldn’t have seen life without that close collaboration and cheerful entrepreneurs. Exposure to technology offered by Berytech also have had its share in all that.

Our startup cycle was a bit difficult because we weren’t capable at the beginning to offer the right distinguished solution. Now with our totally creative analytical solution, things are moving quite fast. We are having fund ventures, investors willing to open for us offices in the Middle East. And recently we just won the Best Innovative ICT Project at the Arab GoldenChip Award. So in five years, we hope to reach several more countries with our solution.

At the end, I would like to share personal advice for young entrepreneurs: Keep walking under -35C up to +42C, in freezing blizzards and sand storms. But a smart entrepreneur must know when to retreat. We were about to do that two years ago until we came up with our Triple One solution. We fought a lot to make it happen and sacrificed everything to reach the objective. If not, I would have been a well paid manager in a research company. After all it should not be the end of the world if an entrepreneur doesn’t make it. More than 70% don’t make it!! But keep hope and hard work..

For more information about Matrix TRC, I invite you to visit our website www.matrixtrc.com