How to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

February 4, 2011 in Berytech News by Ghada Moubarak

In order to raise awareness on the importance of adopting  environmentally friendly routines within business organizations, a  seminar was held on January 21st in Berytech under the title “How to  Reduce, Reuse and Recycle” with the collaboration of “The Campaign for  Recycling Among the Friends of Trees”, CRAFT.

Paper recycling is a complex procedure that entails a number of sub  processes in order to achieve a final product. Yet these days, people  are always in a hurry and it can be difficult and time-consuming in some  cases to recycle. If everyone knows what the benefits are, significant  importance should also be placed upstream on the actions of reducing  paper consumption by acquiring simple daily reflexes and reusing papers  whenever possible. Mr. Pierre Daher, initiator of “CRAFT”, provided the  audience with simple and easy tips to enhance the work environment, be  efficient in work routines while reducing paper consumption and usage  until becoming responsible community members.

The session was attended by Berytech entrepreneurs and community members  and concluded with an interactive Q&A allowing participants to have  a better understanding on how to preserve their environment.
Berytech has been actively recycling since a number of years all its  paper output, which is collected in designated bins and picked up by a  specialized organization. Staff is now planning to introduce and  facilitate electronic recycling.

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