This Christmas! Get some Tips for Entrepreneurs

December 22, 2010 in Entrepreneurship, General, Starting up by Krystel Khalil

While meeting entrepreneurs, listening to their experiences, reading topics about entrepreneurship, I have gathered some useful tips that I wanted to share with individuals looking to startup their companies:

  • Be patient and ready to handle the challenges of a business
  • Plan well your idea on paper and be ready to explain it to others
  • Check all the resources available to you and make good use of them
  • Make a good feasibility study before going to the market
  • Select a qualified team,  bringing complementary expertise and added value to your business
  • Work on your communication plan, you can benefit so much from social media
  • Participate in networking and PR events and build your professional network and focus on people who will refer jobs to you
  • Monitor progress and keep track of tasks
  • Be prepared to fail, seek for alternative solutions and back up plans
  • Be flexible in your thinking and adapt your business to changes
  • Ask for feedback to improve your product or service, and meet customers’ expectations
  • Manage your cash flow and debts
  • Respect time management and prioritize your tasks

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Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Great New Year 2011…