Monetize Your Tweets!

November 29, 2010 in Marketing, Social Media by Youssef Kassab

Monetize Your TweetsIt is time for Twitter to let its users monetize their tweets! Users should have the option to allow daily/weekly “Ad” tweets to be sent to their followers. The tweets could be based on certain keywords specified by the publishing user or even better based on the keywords in the tweets of the user. This will help advertisers in their online marketing efforts, will help Twitter make more profit and will let publishing users make some money.

Another way to monetize tweets is by subscribing to affiliate programs and selling items to your followers. Sites like and many others will let you sell their items from your website with a special link that identifies you as a publisher. You can use the same link (using a URL shortener is still possible) with a sexy message to incite your followers buy the products. Some affiliate programs offer up to 50% commissions.

In addition to the above businesses can monetize in an indirect way from their tweets buy using twitter as a social marketing tool.

What do you think about the different monetizing methods? Do you think the monetizing by twitter to be feasible? Do you find it annoying? What about directly selling to your followers and making money through affiliate programs? Share with us your thoughts!