The Importance of Praise and Appreciation

November 19, 2010 in General by Aphrodite Bassil

My friend, a senior executive at a renowned company has recently left her highly paid job because she felt unappreciated. She complained her manager always took her overtime and exceptional achievements for granted and eventually, she got fed up and moved to a less paid job at a company were staff morale was better and the atmosphere more pleasant.

To some managers, recognition may seem to be a little unnecessary. After all, employees are paid to do the job. But most people thrive on being acknowledged and appreciated. Something that can be given so easily can make all the difference to a persons motivation levels, confidence and job satisfaction.

A few appreciative words when someone has worked hard and done a good job can mean a lot to the recipient. In a work environment being praised for doing a good job or working well helps people to feel worthwhile. They feel that what they are doing makes a difference. This creates a win/win situation for everyone for the staff work harder and with more enthusiasm. They will feel motivated to continue working hard and because they are being appreciated for it, will be encouraged to do whatever needs to be done to support the business.

Confidence levels improve when people feel good about what they are doing. When they receive positive feedback they feel more confident about their efforts and feel encouraged to think for themselves. When people receive good treatment and encouragement they will be prepared to do more than they are asked, volunteer ideas and become more involved and committed to what they are doing. Levels of loyalty and engagement improve.

In any relationship we like to be noticed for the little things that we do. If we are ignored our motivation and enthusiasm levels will drop. ‘Why bother when no one seems to care?’ can creep into our mindset. It is true we should do our job, make an effort, try hard for our own satisfaction and personal fulfillment, but in truth, being recognized and appreciated is important and makes all the difference to our levels of happiness and satisfaction.