Who is your customer!?

November 10, 2010 in Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Surveys by Krystel Khalil

Knowing and understanding your customer will help you adapt your strategy to offer the right product at the right person at the right place and time, which will increase your sales and retain your clients. This will save your time, resources and energy while pursuing the right customers.

Why does your customer buy? Understand his motivation, needs, desires, behavior, preferences and perceptions towards the proposed product or service.

Who is your customer? Identify and define who really consumes the product and who influences the purchasing decision as well as all the factors taken into consideration to buy.  

What does he buy? Check what are the purchased brands, look for the required information and what are the characteristics and attributes that interest the buyer.

How does he buy? Evaluate quantity purchased, payment method, convenient packaging, mode of ordering (email, catalogues, direct shopping…)

How much is he ready to pay? Assess his purchasing power as well as his perceived value for the product, and how much is he willing to spend on it.

When and where they buy? See where is the suitable place to buy this product and when to propose it to your client.

What is their feedback? Don’t be afraid to ask for customer’s evaluation even if they complain, they will help you improve the products through their input and they will feel appreciated when their opinion matters.