Business, not as usual

November 5, 2010 in General by Tania Saba Mazraani

I was recently invited to attend “Celebration of Entrepreneurship 2010” a mega event organized by Abraaj Capital for the launch of Wamda and taking place on November 8 & 9 in Dubai, where Entertainers, Entrepreneurs, Business Leaders and Innovators are gathering for an explosion of energy. All this sounds quite engaging.

It looks like everybody who is somebody in entrepreneurship or remotely related to it in Lebanon and the MENA region, will be attending. On the upside, I will be seeing a lot of people I know in this event. Now if I got you excited about it, don’t just hop unto a plane. The Wamda official website has posted this announcement: “Due to overwhelming interest, the CoE2010 has reached its full capacity and we are no longer accepting new registrations. However, to ensure no one misses out the event is being streamed live on”.

So we can safely conclude from this message that you might just make it to the 2011 edition instead. Now about watching the live stream, from Lebanon, that I am not so sure about … not with our current Internet affliction.

However, I would expect this landmark event to change the way entrepreneurship is perceived around here: more and more people will finally be embracing entrepreneurship as one of our highest economic values. I look forward to see this grass root approach reach the higher levels of our government, and finally, we at Berytech, will no longer be preaching in the desert. As the good people at Wamda summarize it on their homepage “it will –hopefully- no longer be business as usual”.