Are You Using Twitter for Your Business?

November 1, 2010 in Social Media by Youssef Kassab

Twitter Micro-blogging PlatformTwitter is a social networking and micro-blogging website. It enables its users to send and read tweets (that are text based messages up to 140 characters displayed on the user’s profile). Tweets are publicly visible. Users may follow you to get your tweets and you can follow other users to receive their tweets. Twitter can be used either through the Website or through external applications  installed on PCs or on Smartphones.

Twitter has gained popularity worldwide and currently has more than 100 million users. People use it to create, discover and share ideas with others. Twitter is being used by business to communicate with their customers, listen to their needs and answer their questions. Customers can tell the businesses about their experience with their products and whether they were satisfied or not.

So how do you use twitter?

Let’s suppose you sell a certain product, you start by searching for your brand and you might find people talking about how good is your product or wishing if it has that certain feature, some might be complaining about something in it. This will give you the opportunity to hear what people say to each other about your product and this is something they often won’t bother to tell you.

You can also use twitter to share information about an upcoming event or about a new feature in your product. You can ask questions to your followers to create some interaction and get their opinion on a topic. You should answer their questions and comments to show them they are important to you. You can also post useful tips or share links related to your niche. When you share links make sure to explain what it’s about.

going greenSharing social information about your business with your followers is also a good idea. You can always tweet about welcoming a new member in your team or post a picture about the staff lunch or share with your followers a decision to turn off all PCs during the night in order to save energy and save the planet! (Going green is good for your businesses image).

So are you using twitter for your business? Tell us how you are doing it!
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