The Power of Mentorship

October 30, 2010 in Entrepreneurship, General by Tania Saba Mazraani

What is mentorship? We so often hear this buzzword, it has become part of the entrepreneurial landscape. Mentorship in its simplest form means that a knowledgeable person helps a less knowledgeable one. The process got so institutionalized that someone invented a brand new word for apprentice, and that is “mentee”. It is actually so new that my word-processor always highlights this word as wrong when I type it.

There might be several definitions to mentorship, but only one foundation. It is foremost relationship based, and unlike what the definition conveys, that one party, hence the mentee is benefiting from the knowledge of his mentor, both stand to gain from this experience.

Seasoned mentors describe this activity as a leadership development tool in which they were able to motivate, inspire and influence fellow entrepreneurs

while gaining exposure to different business models and entrepreneurship skills.

The protégés as we often call them, found that mentorship has significantly enhanced their business success, as they were afforded guidance during key transitions and decisions to grow their business. They benefited from tips to take their business to the nex

t level and found in the process a personal reward for achieving sustainability of their venture.

“Speed mentoring your way to success” is an official activity of GEW Lebanon 2010.