Windows Live Spaces Moving to

October 28, 2010 in Social Media, Technical by Youssef Kassab

Windows Live Spaces + WordPressWindows Live Spaces is Microsoft’s blogging and Social Networking platform. Windows Live Spaces received an estimated 27 million unique visitors per month as of August 2007. On March 16th, 2011 Microsoft will close this service.

Windows Live Spaces sent an email to all its users telling them that service will be closed and gave them 4 choices:

  • Migrate their blog to
  • Download the blog
  • Delete the “space”
  • Take some time to decide is a free blogging site, similar to Windows Live Spaces. It has
great themes and widgets to customize user experience, tools to help users track how their blog is doing and who’s visiting. It includes great blog comment functionality, and trackback spam prevention. is powered by the open source blogging system WordPress.

The spaces page in the Windows Live account highlights the below message:

Upgrade your blog to!

Many Spaces customers have asked for a richer blogging experience, and we’re excited to tell you that your free upgrade for Windows Live Spaces is here! We have partnered with the world’s leading blogging service,, to be the premier blogging service for Windows Live customers.

The upgrade is fast and easy – we’ll transfer your blog’s posts, photos and comments and make sure all your old links work so your readers won’t have to do a thing.

By connecting your new blog to Windows Live using Messenger Connect, your friends will still see all your new posts in their Messenger Social feed throughout Windows Live.

So What do you think about this move from Microsoft? Why did they choose Do you use a blogging site? Which one?