by EBJ

Raising Funds: Money for FREE!

October 11, 2010 in Financing by EBJ

How much are you willing to pay for money? Do not be surprised at the question; money does have a price to pay! But if you usually use money to pay for whatever you want to buy, what is it then that you have to pay to buy more money??

Well guess what, the answer is…money! Yes, unless you parents are giving you money and want nothing in return but your jeweling smile with half your teeth missing, take my word, you will have to pay for it!

And if my word is not enough for you, then what do you think is the interest you pay when you borrow money from a bank? Philosopher as you are, you might shoot that you are not seeking debt anyway, you are looking for investors instead. Here, rest assured that you have to pay dividends to whoever injects equity in your company and to buy back the shares that you had initially sold you will have to pay a much higher price. Of course, provided that you are “thukthethful”!

How is it then that the title of this short article is “Money for free”? I assure you that there are ways of getting money for free. But you will have to pay me to tell you! Or, I might just change my mind next week and write it on this blog so everybody can see and it will all be like rainbows and butterflies…Till then, if you are in an urgent need for money, try putting your fallen teeth under your pillow, perhaps the fairy princess will replace them with a few dimes…