Got an Innovative Business Idea? Get Incubated!

October 11, 2010 in Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Starting up by Krystel Khalil

incubationStartup cycle is the most critical phase for a company. Most entrepreneurs get excited about their business idea at the beginning, being sure that it will be a super-hit and make a great success in the market.

Coming to reality, many questions in business should be addressed before creating a company: am I proposing the right idea? Am I targeting the right customers? Am I aware of the market trends? and much more.

Therefore, a professional market research and business plan development is needed at that stage, which will help the entrepreneur collect the relevant information related to his project, adapt it to the market, draw his roadmap and propose the right strategy and plan for his business.

Here comes the role of an incubator which hosts entrepreneurs and project holders, assisting them in their startup experience in order to grow their company successfully, accelerate its development and reduce failure rate.

The “incubatee” will have the chance to develop his project in a dynamic environment, sharing entrepreneurial spirit with others as well as assistance in many business aspects such as business planning, legal devices, marketing tips, access to finance, networking…