Meet Mr. Mohammad Taha from Scryptech Our Featured Entrepreneur of the Month

January 9, 2014 in Entrepreneurs Testimonial by Renata Harb

scryptechMany are familiar with the app Ma2tou3a wich made a huge buzz in Lebanon. How about we dig deeper and find about the idea behind this app?

The Idea of “ma2tou3a”came from a personal experience
Mr. Mohammad Taha founder of Scryptech, a company of general software consultancy and services, developed the mobile app “Ma2tou3a” now “happin” with the help of a very qualified team and exceptional developers. The main purpose of this application is to help people stay safe because of the critical situation in Lebanon for the past few years. In fact, Mr. Taha States that if something bad happens while you are walking on the street or driving you’ll receive a push notification that an event occurred like “7are2 dwelib”. Basically it’s a mobile app where people report, find on a map and receive notification of events in addition it can also be used to track roads traffic. Ironically, the Idea of “ma2tou3a”came from a personal experience with Mr. Taha’s wife and kids: “my wife was driving through one of the street of Beirut when something bad happened in front of her and the kids. It was two horrible hours of their lives where they were trapped in a place because people were burning tires; you know it happens these days…”
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Check Out Berytech’s Achievements for the Year 2013

December 26, 2013 in General by Renata Harb

newsletterFrom innovation to funding, adding a touch of creativity.
A year filled with success and accomplishment, resumed in Berytech’s news letter for the year 2013.
For more information on Berytech’s past events and Innovations, Berytech Fund’s investments and future plans as well as unique activities of Beirut Creative cluster check out .

Recruiting Information Technology (IT) Support Technician

December 2, 2013 in Berytech News by Renata Harb

Join our dynamic community!
If you are interested in a job requiring technical support and IT skills now is your chance to join Berytech team.

Job Responsibilities

  • Testing and maintaining electrically wired systems, replacing breakers, plugs, bulbs.
  • Identifying and fixing electrical problems.
  • Monitoring proper functionality of different equipment (generators, elevators, ACs, fans, sanitary) and following up with suppliers.
  • Maintaining and keeping records of signed reports of (CCTV, fire alarm, access control)
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Meet Mr. Muhieddine Kamleh From Intense Designs Our Featured Entrepreneur of the Month

November 20, 2013 in Entrepreneurs Testimonial by Renata Harb

Intense designMr. Muhieddine Kamleh was glad to share his success story and tell how his company “Intense Designs” was born in Berytech Digihive. Being in the field of mobile apps for the past seven years he decided to throw himself into the real world business.

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How to Live Tweet

September 27, 2013 in Entrepreneurship, General, Marketing, Social Media, Starting up by Zeina Sarrouf Nassar

This article is a second in a series on how you can get the most out of your social network. Written by Zeina Sarrouf Nassar.

live tweet A key component to organizing your event should be building a social media presence. Your audience is already on Twitter to stay in touch with the people, organizations, and issues it cares about. According to a 2009 report by Nielsen, a marketing research firm 49.7 million people around the globe use the internet on their mobile devices, and over 12 million U.S. mobile subscribers use their phones to access social media on the go.
By creating a social media buzz around your event, you can effectively connect to your audience quickly, constantly, and for free.

What is live tweeting?
Live tweeting is a way of engaging your twitter followers by sending minute-by-minute updates about an event as it occurs. Usually, it will cover a time span anywhere from 20 minutes long to a few hours. Live tweeters use the appropriate hashtag relevant to the event they are tweeting about which can usually be found on the conference’s website or twitter profile. This hashtag will give followers context so that they automatically know what you are referring to when you tweet about the event. It will also make sure that tweets are part of the larger conversation of the event.

Why should I live tweet?
It is a good way to engage our followers and to develop your own unique and authentic twitter voice. And of course, there’s the fact that it’s easy to do (once you get the hang of it), it’s convenient (you can do it anywhere), it’s a free way to engage with your supporters.
Live tweeting can also help you as you network with others. By becoming a part of a larger conversation on twitter, you get to meet a variety of interesting people connected to your work and you have the opportunity to hear their own personal views before you’ve a met them face to face. Later when you do meet in person, you will immediately have some good things to talk about.

What are the tools to live tweet?

Use a hashtag
The first step is easy: use a specific hashtag in your Tweets to set them apart from your day-to-day output and provide context for your followers. If you’re live-tweeting about an event, the hashtag ensures that your Tweets will be part of the larger conversation, too. On the other hand, if you’re creating a Twitter event of your own, you can create an original hashtag to go with it.

Play to your strengths
Focus on the kind of Tweets that only you can create. If you’re tweeting an event, that could mean sharing your insider perspective, especially if you’re behind the scenes or sitting in the audience yourself. You know your style and your strengths: will you simply report on what’s happening or share strong opinions? Will you answer questions from your followers or keep it one-way? Will you play the role of the expert or the explorer? The key is to do what comes naturally to you.

Add photos
Photos resonate on Twitter, especially when they show scenes that your followers don’t usually get to see.
Don’t underestimate the power of a zoomed-in detail: you can show your followers what shoes you’re wearing or who you’re sitting behind at the big award show.

No time like the present
The wonderful thing about live-tweeting is that it’s so easy: you don’t need anything other than Twitter itself and a little bit of time.
You can live-tweet from the green room. You can live-tweet from the cab. You can live-tweet from home.
You can live-tweet… right now.

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The Rebranding of a Symbol

July 24, 2013 in Entrepreneurship, General, Social Media, Starting up by Zeina Sarrouf Nassar

This article is a first in a series on how you can get the most out of your social network. Written by Zeina Sarrouf Nassar

The octothorpe has a new career, reborn on August 23, 2007 as the “hashtag.”

The term octothorpe was coined by engineers at Bell Laboratories in the early 1960s; the scientists at Bell Laboratories modified the telephone keypad and added the # symbol to send instructions to the telephone operating system. Since the # symbol didn’t have a name, the technicians made one up. They knew it should be called “octo-” something because it has eight ends around the edge.

The use of hashtags on Twitter came from a convention used on Internet Relay Chat (IRC). Where the user created channels to discuss a given topic, and each channel was named with a hash followed by a title for the channel – a #hashtag. Chris Messina proposed to adopt the same convention on Twitter so that the user could search for all the tweets talking about the same topic – and the hashtag as we know it now was born!

Hashtag #, as a new type of organizational objects of information, plays a dual role in online micro blogging communities. On one hand, a hashtag serves as a bookmark of content, which links tweets with similar topics; on the other hand, a hashtag serves as the symbol of a community membership, which bridges a virtual community of users.

Following the hashtag adoption of Twitter; other social networks acquired it in their platforms naming Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, tumblr and lately Facebook etc… The following acquisition force created various advantages:

  1. Create an online global topic in real-time
  2. Start a competition
  3. Direct the focus of your audience.
  4. Channel content
  5. Host and join Chats, The network become a viable as a venue for public discussion/debate/trends
  6. Get information
  7. Gain followers
  8. Create categories
  9. Growing social media marketing activity

The rebranding of the hashtag incorporated sense and traffic in social media, this massive popular evolution is being used by artists, politicians, public figures, as well as presidential campaigns, revolutions, digital activism, and advocacy etc. Hashtags are a great tool for promotion and discovery on most social media networks, they have become the new way of spreading the word. #hashtag #twitter #facebook #socialmedia

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